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Important Notice:

1.Owing to the limitations of airlines, logistics companies are currently not able to ship pure batteries, and only can ship items with battery ( like tablet PC, laptops, phones etc ) via Singapore post.

2.Estimatd weight start from 100g when order in process,if you not estimated,the shipping fee will be calculated by 100g,if goods weight more than 100g or weight your estimated,second pay for extra shipping fee needed

China Mobile CM512 4G multimode wireless router

USD $129.16
Wholesale Price:
Quantity Price
1 - 10129.16
11 - 50125.39
50 - 100120.67
100 - 500116.9
100+ Find Out Discount
Package Type
Package A
- +
Estimated Weight:
start from 100g,estimated goods weight when order in process
Shipping Cost:
US $5.8 to America via China post mail
Delivery Time:
10-50days Days
Processing Time:
Ships out within 2-4 days
Total Price:
1 x $129.16 + $5.8 = $134.96
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Network Type:
China Mobile
Interface Type:
Wireless router type
Modem Device Type:
Dual-mode network card
Package Type:
Package A
China Mobile CM512 4G multimode wireless router

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